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The future lies in unity | Germany Reunified 25 Years On

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About the project
This is the first StoryTravelers partnership between Caspar Diederik and Mike Corey – (Kick the Grind) two similarly eccentric, visionary digital storytellers who each bring a unique point of view to the project. To commemorate 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the German National Tourist Board commissioned the pair to produce 12 provocative and informative videos about the country’s remodeled tourist hubs. These metropolitan and regional locations combine history and the future through many sites that were destroyed in war but are now home to artistic and social spaces. Some are former factories, others are tranquil corners of the great outdoors. Extracting the gems from this melting pot of culture, antiquity and potential will be Caspar and Mike’s task across several filming expeditions around Germany in 2014. Follow the celebration through #germany25reunified

Earth below me, Sky above me, the Fire within me | Otro | Italy

About the project

Jaap Duin and Raymond Landgraaf are two entrepreneurs following their dream. They invited us, Caspar Diederik and Hermen van de Waal, to visualize the first expedition of still many trips to come. I really loved the idea of going with them on this journey and explore their new concept in an experimental phase. It appeared to be a transformational experience and moreover a meaningful story to tell. I reported the trip in visuals that speak for themselves. A  video is still coming up in december 2013. The visuals I shot got picked up by popular photo site Totally Cool Pix getting  many hit and likes. Also, the piece was published in a 5 pages counting article one of the most renowned newspapers in the Netherlands (VolksKrant). otro-elements.nl

#MyMauritius | Mauritius

About the project

Under the flag of iambassador Thirteen bloggers and one videographer (Caspar Diederik | Storytravelers) travelled to Mauritius to live it at it’s full potential and promote this pristine island as an attractive travel destination. Via the hashtag #MyMauritius on social media channels (Twitter, facebook and Instagram), People followed our adventures and we’re able to discover how many awesome experiences are to be lived on the island
#MyMauritius is one of the largest travel blogger and social media tourism campaigns the island nation in the Indian Ocean has ever organised. The bloggers, are from Europe, South Africa, Canada and China, shared experiences live via their social media channels throughout their stay ( 23rd to the 30th September) informing their followers worldwide in real-time.

Bloggers involved:
Fan Yibo  blog.sina.com.cn/qiseditu & weibo.com/qiseditu
Yvonne Zagermann  justtravelous.com/en
Melvin Boecher traveldudes.org
Adeline Gressin voyagesetc.fr 
Emiel van den Boomen actoftraveling.com 
Nellie Huang and Alberto Molero wildjunket.com
Jerry Jernej-Kelih jerrykite.com 
Rob Lloyd stophavingaboringlife.com
Keith Jenkins velvetescape.com
Ishay Govender foodandthefabulous.com
Meruschka Govender mzansigirl.com

See more at iambassador

Underwater Waterfall Illusion
Photographer Unknown (via Imgur)

#Winter Wonderland | Valsugana | Italy


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